New Boots

There is much that is wrong in the world that I cannot fix and much that needs perfecting in me that will take a lifetime, but today I have new boots. It has been twenty years since my last set of boots (purchased just before heading off to study abroad in London back in 1991).

And yes, I’ve got a silver belt buckle as well; my wife insisted.

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11 thoughts on “New Boots

  1. They were expressly chosen so that they will not be dramatically problematic for my dress code at work, but aren’t black and have rubber soles for walkin’. Oh, and my wife liked them.

    Both kids want boots now. Might end up being a birthday present for Elijah. Mary Beth has been going around the house saying, “boots, Boots, BOOOTS!” which I assume means she wants some (translating 2 yr old is always a nuanced business).

  2. David,…David…dad would never have let me wear boots like that out into the corrals to feed the yearlings or milk the cows. That “shit” would never have looked good on those boots. (No cussing intended Dave, just literal fact.)

  3. No sheep-dip. I don’t tiptoe through any tulips, except maybe when visiting my aunt’s ranch on Thanksgiving. These are strictly city-walkers.

    As for Ropers, that last pair twenty years ago were just that (and loved them), but the turquoise called out to me. My grandfather always had plenty of turquoise and silver, and these reminded me of him.

  4. Nice! I like the color combo. My last pair was some twenty-odd years ago, a pair of Tony Lamas I splurged on one year after a particularly nice Christmas bonus. They disappeared somewhere between houses a few moves ago. Replacing them is one more thing on my “to do someday” list.

  5. I hope you enjoy the boots. I used to have some ostrich-skin boots, but no longer have any. Is such an admission permitted from someone who lives in Texas?

  6. For those of you who’ve owned boots: how long did they last? One of my excuses for buying these things is that I go through dress-shoes pretty quickly. I’m hoping these boys last a while.

  7. Great boots! I love my cowboy boots…alas, they are not the best footwear for standing in the altar for a couple of hours. :(

    Enjoy ‘em!

  8. I bought a pair twenty years ago when my son was four. I’ve had them re-soled twice. The shafts are getting holes in them, so I think they are about done, but how to part with old friends? They deserve a rest, however, and I rarely make them do their thing these days. I was just telling my husband I need a new pair…now this. Love the turquoise!

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