We are not so far gone yet that the image of God in us is obscured beyond repair. Nothing is beyond the grace, nothing deeper than the love, and nothing is more human since the first Advent of our Lord than becoming divine.

The English language has been so abused that words no longer mean what they mean. It saddens me when the best word I can think of for those in Fukushima Japan, is heroes. A term we use for such trivial things as sports figures and celebrities.

But there are heroes in Fukushima. When someone asked our Lord, “Who is my neighbor?” Such a story as these who will suffer personally for their heroic deeds, could be as good an answer as he gave.

In all likelihood these workers at the Fukushima plant will not just die for their fellow man, they will die grievously (radiation poisoning being among the worst fates man can know) and do so not even knowing the people who’s lives they seek to save.

But God knows each one in their innermost parts. Glory to Jesus Christ. Glory forever.

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